GollanczFestAtHome was great fun! If you want to try my Sci-fi/Horror quiz, you'll find it at the 3 hour mark here.

Then find the answers here at 1.25. 

Let me know how you do!

I really enjoyed taking part in The Book Club Review podcast in December. Have a listen here and join in with my quiz of 2020!

Before that I hosted a quiz for the Creative Folkestone festival. You can find a PDF version of that here - have a go! 

If you couldn't get to the launch for The Book Lover's Quiz Book I've made a PDF of that too. All these quizzes feature brand new material! 

The Book Lover's Quiz Book

Novel Conundrums
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My Story

Hello! Welcome to the official website for The Book Lover's Quiz Book.

Here you will find news of upcoming quizzes, very kind words about the book, other quizzes for you to try and an answer sheet you can use if you are playing in teams (which I recommend).

I'm a book lover to the core, I was a bookseller for 16 years and I now work in publishing. I also like a good quiz but I've found it's very rare to find a quiz just about books - music yes, films yes, but books not so much. So I started writing and hosting them, first at the bookshop I worked in (Blackwell's Charing Cross Road/Holborn) then in bars and pubs too. In the old world I hosted a monthly book quiz at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, London, watch this space for news of its comeback.

I hope to see you at a live quiz again one day - won't that be nice? In the mean time check out my 'Next Quiz' page and join me for an online quiz - I'll do my best to make it fun!  

Thanks for reading! 



What I'm Reading... 

Current book

Last book read

Book before that

'The Perfect Gift for Quizzers'

Val McDermid 

Next quiz
Sci-fi and Horror questions for you genre lovers (like me) March 27th (online)
Time is TBD
Contact me below - I can write & host a quiz for your event, party etc...   

“Fun, brain teasing and social, The Book Lover’s Quiz was a wonderful way to bring everyone together and wrap up this year’s Book Festival.”

Cheryl Pierce, Folkestone Book Festival

‘Gary created and ran an excellent online quiz event for Blackwell’s which was both jam-packed with literary delights and run in a humorous and fun-loving style. Our audience was equally appreciative of the brain-taxing elements and the light-hearted enjoyment’.

Zool verjee, Head of marketing & publicity - Blackwell's uk

'Gary’s quizs are always fun, whether in person or online. Our company of a hundred people have used him repeatedly, both for inter-company quizzes and for public events to promote our work. Just hard enough, with fun extra rounds featuring Gary’s own unique brand of artwork. Highly recommended'.

Marcus gipps, Publishing Director- Gollancz & SF Gateway

Gollancz & SF Gateway


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